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Subaru Production: Global Manufacturing Locations




Subaru is a Japanese car manufacturer that has been producing cars since the 1950s. Over the years, Subaru has gained a reputation for producing high-quality vehicles that are reliable and durable. Today, Subaru is one of the most popular car brands in the world, with millions of loyal customers.

One question that many people ask about Subaru is where their cars are made. This is an important question because it can have an impact on the quality and reliability of the vehicles. In this article, we will explore where Subaru cars are made and what you can expect from them.

Subaru currently produces its cars at several locations around the world. The majority of their production takes place in Japan, which is where they were founded and still maintain their headquarters today. However, Subaru also has manufacturing facilities in other countries such as the United States and China.

One thing to note about Subaru’s manufacturing process is that they use a unique production system called “just-in-time” manufacturing. This means that they only produce parts when they are needed for assembly, rather than stockpiling large amounts of inventory like some other car manufacturers do.

Overall, if you’re considering purchasing a new or used Subaru vehicle, rest assured that it was produced with care using high-quality materials at one of their state-of-the-art facilities around the world.

Overview of Subaru’s global manufacturing strategy

Subaru Corporation, formerly known as Fuji Heavy Industries, is a Japanese multinational corporation that specializes in the production and sale of automobiles, aircraft, and industrial machinery. The company’s automotive division is well-known for its all-wheel-drive vehicles and boxer engine technology.

Subaru has a global manufacturing strategy that involves producing vehicles in various locations around the world to meet consumer demand while minimizing costs. As of 2021, Subaru has six manufacturing plants located in Japan, the United States, and Malaysia.

In Japan, Subaru operates three production facilities: Gunma Main Plant (Ota City), Yajima Plant (Ōizumi Town), and Oizumi Plant (Ota City). These plants produce various models such as Impreza, XV Crosstrek Hybrid, Legacy sedan/wagon/Outback wagon/B4 sedan/Touring Wagon/Sports Tourer GT/Estate GT/STI version B4/GT300 racing car/R1e electric car series.

In North America, Subaru produces cars at two factories: one in Lafayette Indiana which opened on September 11th 1989; the other factory is located in Canada. In Lafayette plant they produce Ascent SUVs; Impreza Sedan & Hatchback WRX STI performance models; Outback Wagon Model year 2020-21; Legacy Sedan Model year 2020 -21

Additionally , there’s another plant under construction near Tokyo which will start operation from spring of next year with capacity to manufacture approximately 100000 units annually .

Finally , Subaru also has an assembly facility situated near Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia where they produce Forester model . This facility was established back in May 2013 .

Overall , this global manufacturing strategy allows Subaru to efficiently deliver high-quality vehicles worldwide while taking advantage of local resources and expertise.

Subaru’s Manufacturing Locations in Asia

Subaru Corporation, formerly known as Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., is a Japanese multinational corporation that manufactures automobiles, aircraft, and industrial machinery. When it comes to Subaru cars, the company has production facilities in various parts of the world to cater to different markets. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Subaru’s manufacturing locations in Asia.

The birthplace of Subaru is Japan. The company has several production plants located across the country. The main factory is situated in Ota City and covers an area of 1.9 million square meters. This facility produces most of Subaru’s models for both domestic and overseas markets.

Subaru also has a presence in Malaysia through its partnership with Tan Chong Motor Assemblies Sdn Bhd (TCMA). TCMA handles assembly operations for Subaru vehicles sold within Malaysia and other ASEAN countries.

In China, where demand for cars continues to grow rapidly, FHI established joint ventures with two Chinese companies; Chery Automobile Co., Ltd (CAC) and Guangzhou Auto Group Co., Ltd (GAC). These joint ventures are responsible for manufacturing Subaru vehicles specifically designed for the Chinese market.

Subaru also operates a plant in Thailand through its subsidiary – Tan Chong International Limited (TCIL). The facility produces various models including Forester SUVs, XV crossovers among others.

In conclusion, these are some of the locations where you can find Subaru’s manufacturing facilities across Asia. While each plant caters to specific markets or regions within those countries they operate from there are many factories that produce high-quality units that have earned them loyal customers worldwide!

Subaru’s Manufacturing Locations in North America

Subaru Corporation, a Japanese multinational corporation that specializes in manufacturing automobiles and aircraft, has several production facilities across the world. In North America alone, Subaru operates two manufacturing plants – one in Indiana and another in Canada.

The Indiana plant is located in Lafayette, which produces the Ascent, Impreza, Legacy and Outback models for the US market. The facility covers an area of 832 acres with over 5 million square feet of space. The plant employs more than 6,000 associates who work on three shifts to produce around 370,000 vehicles per year.

On the other hand, Subaru’s Canadian plant is located near Toronto in Ontario. This facility produces the Crosstrek model for both US and Canadian markets. It covers an area of approximately 1 million square feet with a capacity to produce up to 2000 cars per week. The Canadian plant was opened back in 1989 as a joint venture between Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd (now known as Subaru Corporation) and Isuzu Motors Ltd.

Both these manufacturing locations are important parts of Subaru’s global production network that spans across different regions including Japan, Europe and China. These facilities not only help meet demand within their respective markets but also contribute significantly towards creating job opportunities for thousands of people living locally.

In addition to these two plants mentioned above, there are also several other locations where components such as engines or transmissions are manufactured or assembled before being shipped off to final assembly lines at various locations worldwide.

Overall, Subaru takes pride in its commitment towards quality control standards while ensuring sustainable growth through responsible business practices at all its manufacturing locations globally including those operating within North America region.

Subaru’s Manufacturing Locations in Europe

Subaru Corporation, a Japanese multinational corporation known for its production of automobiles and aerospace products, has manufacturing locations across the world. In Europe, Subaru has two major manufacturing plants that cater to the European market.

The first plant is located in Ota City, Japan. This plant produces vehicles such as Forester, Impreza, XV Crosstrek and BRZ models for both domestic and international markets including Europe. The Ota plant uses state-of-the-art technology to produce high-quality vehicles that meet global standards.

The second plant is located in Gunma Prefecture in Japan which serves as the headquarters of Subaru Corporation. It is also home to Yajima Plant where engines are produced for Subaru’s cars. The Yajima Plant uses advanced technologies such as horizontal machining centers and robots to produce high-performance engines efficiently.

In addition to these two major plants in Japan, Subaru also operates an assembly facility in Lafayette Indiana (USA) solely responsible for assembling all Outback models sold worldwide along with some Legacy models sold outside North America.

Therefore, while there may not be any dedicated Subaru factories within Europe itself – with most European-bound Subarus being manufactured at either their Japanese or American facilities – they do have a significant presence on the continent thanks largely due to their strong dealership network across many countries throughout Europe.

Subaru’s Manufacturing Locations in Oceania

Subaru Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation that produces automobiles, aircraft, and industrial machinery. It has manufacturing facilities located around the world to cater to different markets. In Oceania, Subaru operates two manufacturing plants: one in Australia and another in New Zealand.

The Australian plant is located in Melbourne, Victoria. It was established in 1989 as a joint venture between Subaru Corporation and the Australian automotive company Motor Image Group. The plant produces various models of Subaru vehicles such as the Impreza, XV Crosstrek, Forester, Legacy/Liberty Sedan/Wagon and Outback models for both domestic consumption and export purposes.

The New Zealand plant is situated at Todd Park on Auckland’s North Shore. It was opened in 1998 by Motor Image Group (MIG) primarily for assembling Completely Knocked Down (CKD) kits imported from Japan into finished cars ready for sale locally or exported to other countries within the region. The facility also handles assembly work of some components like suspension systems and engines.

Both plants are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that ensures high-quality production standards are met consistently while maintaining efficiency throughout the entire process chain—from stamping sheet metal parts through final assembly—using advanced robotics combined with skilled laborers who oversee each stage of vehicle production.

In conclusion, Subaru Corporation has established robust manufacturing operations across several continents worldwide to ensure they can meet market demands effectively while providing high-quality products at competitive prices. Their commitment to producing reliable vehicles using advanced technologies makes them one of the most respected brands globally today!

Subaru’s manufacturing locations in South America

Subaru is a well-known Japanese automaker that has been producing high-quality vehicles for over seven decades. The company is known for its rugged and reliable cars that are perfect for adventure enthusiasts. While many people associate Subaru with Japan, the company actually has manufacturing facilities all over the world.

One of Subaru’s most important manufacturing locations is in South America. The company operates two factories on the continent: one in Brazil and one in Argentina.

The Brazilian factory, located near São Paulo, produces several different models of Subaru vehicles, including the Forester SUV, XV Crosstrek crossover, and Impreza sedan. This facility opened in 2015 and currently employs around 600 workers.

Meanwhile, the Argentinean factory is located just outside Buenos Aires and has been producing Subarus since 2008. This plant primarily produces engines but also assembles some vehicles like Forester and Outback models. Currently employing approximately 500 people.

These two factories play an essential role in Subaru’s global manufacturing strategy by allowing them to produce cars closer to their customers while taking advantage of regional supply chains.

In addition to these South American plants, Subaru also operates factories throughout Asia (Japan), North America (United States), Oceania (Australia) ,and Europe (United Kingdom). Each location plays a critical role in ensuring that customers worldwide receive high-quality products from this respected automaker.

Overall it can be concluded that Subaru maintains a strong presence across various continents globally with efficient production processes at each location delivering its signature quality across its range of cars.

Conclusion and Future Plans for Global Production Expansion

In conclusion, Subaru has come a long way since its founding in Japan in 1953. Today, the company is known worldwide for producing high-quality vehicles that are both reliable and affordable. The brand has seen significant growth over the years, expanding into new markets and developing new models to meet the changing needs of consumers.

As we have learned throughout this article, Subaru vehicles are made in multiple locations around the world. From Japan to the United States to Europe and beyond, Subaru’s global production network allows it to efficiently manufacture cars that meet local demand while maintaining consistent quality across all regions.

Looking ahead, Subaru has ambitious plans for further global production expansion. In recent years, the company has invested heavily in building new factories and upgrading existing ones to increase capacity and improve efficiency. This includes a $1 billion investment in its Lafayette plant in Indiana, which will allow it to produce up to 400,000 vehicles per year by 2021.

Subaru also plans to continue investing in research and development of electric vehicles (EVs) as part of its efforts towards sustainability. The company aims for EVs to make up at least 40% of its global sales by 2030.

Overall, Subaru’s commitment to innovation and improvement shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With a strong focus on quality control and customer satisfaction combined with an eye towards future growth opportunities through sustainable practices such as EV manufacturing; we can expect great things from this iconic Japanese automaker well into the future!

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