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Ford Explorer Common Engine Problems




As we all know Ford Explorer is an SUV manufactured by Ford Motors, which is at present in its sixth generation is the explorer which has a wide range of powertrain layouts and chassis developed by its production. The engine is considered to be the heart of a car. The engine plays a vital role in any type of motor vehicle. The Explorer car model in Ford has some common engine problems that will be discussed in this article.

Let’s have an overview of the common engine problem in the Ford Explorer model. Our example, the 2016 Ford Explorer model, has:

  • Illuminated MIL’s/CEL’s 
  • Noises that are squealing or sometimes the sound from the engine is like the sound of a fan
  • Loss of RPM
  • Starting trouble
  • Lack of engine power
  • Under-spec speed
  • Engine stalling on the operation

Before diving into the topic it is to be noted that unless and until you drive the car frequently irrespective of any model car, then engine problems are always going to be a concern for you. It is better to make sure that you keep your car put to use regularly. Let us quickly dive into some of the common engine problems of Ford Explorer in brief.

Engine Crank

This is a very common engine problem faced by Ford Explorer. If the engine doesn’t start it may be mostly because of a low battery, but there are other reasons where the engine of the car fails to start. It is important to check the fuel if there is an engine crank. The engine of the car may fail to start because of the dirty or clogged filter that is used for filling fuel. Neglecting filter and oil changes can also contribute to the engine breakdown of the car. These are very common problems that occur while having a Ford Explorer car model.

Overheating of the car Engine

During the summer season, there is a possibility of the car’s engine to get overheated, which does not mean car engines do not get overheated in the winter season. The gauges in the car signal or indicate to the drivers whether the engine of the car is in danger or not. There can be times where the gauges fail to give a signal to the driver. This ultimately leads to overheating of the engine causing engine problems.

Air compression

Sometimes the car might have broken valves in the cylinders. Through the broken valves, there is a possibility that air might enter into the tube causing blocks. These blocks cause damages like engine cranks. This is a very common problem that is faced by almost all cars. These types of problems can be avoided if the person owning the car maintains the car well through regular car service.

Defective Oxygen sensors

The defective oxygen cylinder can be dangerous to the engine of the car. This problem can be dangerous to the car as well. When your Ford Explorer car fails to give you the right information then there are chances that you might face inefficiencies in the proper functioning of the engine. It is not good to drive a car with damaged sensors as the driver will not be aware of the alarm of the car.

If you face any of these engine problems in your Ford Explorer then it is better to service the car. Do not postpone the engine diagnosis of your car with the trusted auto repair mechanic once in a few months. This will ensure that your engine is in a safe condition which might help you avoid common engine problems.

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