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How Do Performance Chips Work?



If you are a car owner there are the highest chances that you have a love for speed. You hate to travel on busy roads and love the long drives. Performance chips are probably one of your favourite things on earth. Well, if you are a new driver to this field, then there is a chance that you have probably not heard about performance chips. If that is the case, then we have something that you could use. We have discussed a bit here about what performance chips are and how you can make use of them. Implied that you are a beginner in this field, we have tried to keep it as simple as possible.

What are performance chips?

Performance chips are a simple way by which you can increase the horsepower of your car. It was initially just microchips and hence the name. There are some instances where drivers seem to question the working ability of performance chips. But the fact is just that these chips seem to function better with some vehicles and not so well with some others. It would, however, definitely show an increase in your horsepower. There are two basic ways in which you can install a performance chip in your car. But if you are not confident enough about practicing the same you should take professional help.

How does a  performance chip work?

The performance tuners help to increase the horsepower and torque of your engine. Many times the people might feel that it makes their cars go faster. While it is true to a certain extent, cars do not move as fast as they seem to move. But there is still a certain increase in the speed.

Many people in this regard would ask if the performance chips work at all. There are various reviews from different drivers who have used this tuner in their engines. There are no drawbacks as such to these chips. However, how the engine functions after the installation of the chip are highly dependent on how good the installation process was. In most cases, the engines remain unaffected by the installation of performance chips in your vehicle. This sometimes though has a chance of cutting down on the warranty of your car.

What kind of a performance chip should you buy?

It is not a good idea to compromise while choosing parts for your car. Opting for a lower standard of tuner would cost you more than you think. It could bring several parts of your car to risk. There is a chance that your engine is pushed too hard and suffers damage as well. While the tuner would cost you a lot less, you would have to be otherwise in terms of the better functioning of your car. The key aspect of choosing a good performance chip for your engine would be to settle for a company that has been in function for quite a few years now. Provided that they are a renowned organization, you will also be able to find some reviews about their services. If anyone you know has already bought a performance chip you could also take their suggestions in the same.

If you settle to take professional help regarding the installation of the chip you should also take a quick review of how their services are. It is also not important that you opt for the tuner that they recommend you or ask it to buy. You should have your research done and ready for you to fall back on.

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How To Fix a Leak in The Cooling System?



If your coolant is leaking it is sometimes difficult to find because the leaks just drip down and if the engine is hot there are chances that it might evaporate as well. This can happen fast and you may not even know that your coolant is dripping. There are two types of leakages – external and internal leakage. The first thing you have to do is figure out if there are any kinds of leakages in your cooling system.

Repairing a leak in the cooling system

After you have figured out the type of leak it is important to fix the problem as early as possible to avoid severe damage to your vehicle in the long run. Have a look at your vehicle’s repair manual in which the instructions will be provided as to how to fix the problem. The steps that need to be followed for the repair work will differ from vehicle to vehicle. Therefore, it is important to keep the repair manual of your vehicle safe.

Make sure you follow all the steps mentioned in the manual properly to avoid further damage. After repairing your cooling system as per the procedures mentioned in the manual you have to make sure that the bleeding is done properly at the end. This plays a very important role in fixing the leakage in the cooling system.

Testing the repair after fixing the leak in the cooling system

Ensure that you take your vehicle for a test drive immediately after the leakage problem is fixed. It is important to be aware of the coolant temperature of your vehicle. The second thing you have to keep in mind is that you will have to check for the temperature whether it is spiking up or not.

It is always better to check twice after the leakage is fixed. It is your hard-earned money that you are investing and hence there is nothing wrong to be extra cautious. If you want to be very sure that there are no problems with the cooling system then you can try out one more test.

Give pressure to your coolant system for 24 hours after the repair has been fixed and look out if there are any kind of leakages. This will give you a cent percent assured that your coolant system has been fixed properly.

Additional Options

Sometimes fixing the leakage problem in your vehicle can be difficult as they are hard to locate. It is a known fact that it takes time to locate what type of leakage is there in your vehicle. Do you think that is it worth spending money and time to fix the leakage? Here is why there are a few options that you can consider:

  • For instance, say you don’t want to fix the coolant leakage in your vehicle. The alternative option is that you can sell your vehicle.
  • We all know that repair expenses of vehicles are pretty expensive and you can afford to do it only if you are planning on using the vehicle for a longer duration. If not, it is better to sell the vehicle and buy a brand new one.

A leakage in the cooling system might be hard to detect, but it is important to look out for repairs in your vehicle. At the end of the day, it is your hard-earned money and you wouldn’t want to waste it by spending more on repair works. The early you detect the leakage lesser will be the repair expense. Do keep the repair manual of your vehicles safe and follow the guidelines properly to avoid or repair the leakage in your coolant system.

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