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How Much Does It Cost to Replace Brake Pads?



Brake pads

Brake pads play a vital role in automotive applications. Are you planning on replacing your brake pads? If so, do not worry, we will help you to replace your squeaky brakes. This article will help you to know how much does it cost to replace brake pads. This article will throw light on the replacement cost of brake pads.

Working of a Brake Pad

A brake disc is something that is attached to the wheel of your car which plays a vital role in stopping your car. The friction that happens allows your car to stop or slow down. If the brake pads of your car wear out, then you might experience a squeaking or grinding sound which is not good for your car. The replacement cost differs from one car to another as there are different types of cars.

Few things need to be considered while replacing your brake pads:

  • The type of vehicle that you are using plays a vital role. Are you someone who has
  • SUV type car or heavy vehicles like lorry, bus, etc? The replacement costs of heavy vehicles are a bit more compared to that of SUVs.
  • The bigger and the heavier the vehicle the replacement expenses are more. The replacement cost of a vehicle is directly proportional to its size.
  • The replacement costs of brands like Mercedes Benz, Audi, Jaguar, or a BMW the replacement cost of brake pads are much higher than the normal rate.
  • The quality of the new brake pads that you purchase for replacement also plays an important role in assessing the overall replacement cost of the brake pad.

The average cost for replacing Brake Pads

When you purchase a new car from a showroom, say for instance Hyundai showroom the sales representatives guarantee the customers regarding the brake pads. They also ensure the customers in fixing the brake pads for a year or so. The replacement cost in the US ranges somewhere around $500 which includes the service charge as well. The replacement of brake pads will usually take some three to five working days.

How frequently should you change your brake pads?

It is advisable to change your brake pads after crossing 50000 miles. Some of them change or replace their brake pads after having traveled 25000 miles while for some vehicles the brake pads can be replaced after having traveled for more than 70,000 miles.

The frequency of replacing your brake pads again depends on the type of vehicle that you
have. But on average it is better to replace your brake pads after having driven for at least
50,000 miles.

3 tips to maintain your brake pads

  • When you drive your vehicle it is good to be conscious of how many Kilometers you drive. This is a wonderful way of maintaining your vehicle and in turn, helps you preserve your brake pads. This is sometimes called eco-friendly driving.
  • It is important to handle the brake pad while driving with a light foot. Usually, people who use the brake pad with the hard foot will have to pay more in replacing the brake pads compared to the light footers.
  • It is important to give attention to the load that you carry as well. This will in turn help you to maintain your brake pads for a longer period.

The replacement of brake pads in your vehicle solely depends on what type of vehicle you have and its maintenance as well. You can opt for expensive brake pads if you want them to sustain it for a longer period. It is important to take care of your brake pads as it plays a vital role when it comes to driving vehicles.

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