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Key FOB Programming by Yourself



Key fob programming

Key fobs are digital car keys. They help regulate your car’s doors, alarm, and trunk. With the help of key fobs, you can start your car even from a distance. These keys are electronic devices and are likely to malfunction at any time. Mostly, they do so due to signal loss. Whenever such situations occur, you need to reprogram the key yourself so that you can use it as and when required.

Reprogramming these keys hardly takes a few minutes. If you take the electronic key to a nearby store, you will have to pay some bucks to get the work done. We have given a detailed step by step guide on how to reprogram the car keys yourself.

How can you reprogram a key fob?

The process of reprogramming the key fobs varies from vehicle to vehicle. Different cars have different ways to reset the car keys. The steps listed below are the simplest methods can one follow to reprogram any electronic key in general. This guide will help you reprogram most car keys. Let’s go through the process mentioned below without delay.

1. Change the batteries inside the key fob

Your keys might malfunction probably because their batteries are dead. So, before following any other step, replace the batteries inside. A poor battery will make your entire reprogramming process futile. You can find the batteries available easily at affordable prices. You can take them to a store for replacing or refer to the guide book to know how to replace key fob batteries.

2. Get inside the car

Now, take the electronic keys with you inside the car. Close all doors. This is important because open doors might disturb the process while you try to reprogram.

3. Turn on the ignition

Once you have taken the seat with all doors closed, insert the electronic key into the ignition and switch it on. Consequently, all electrical systems are turned on. However, the ignition must not be in the radio mode. You must also be mindful that you do not start the engine by mistake.

4. Press the lock button on the remote key

Now, with the ignition on, press the lock button on the key fob and switch it off. Now, repeat this process three more times. So, you perform this action four times in total. In the last cycle, keep the key turned on. This will send a signal to all the electronic control units that the car key is on, which is sending out the signal.

5. Wait for the locks to sound

Once the above process has been performed, there will be a lock sound. If you hear that, it means you have entered the programming mode. Now, click on the lock button on the key fob again within a few seconds. The locks send signals again to indicate it’s programming successfully.

6. Switch off the ignition

Once you have heard the lock sound, you can turn off the ignition to end the programming procedure.

7. Perform a mock test

Step out of your car with the key fob and close all doors. Now, test from a distance to see if all functions can be done using your recently programmed key fobs.

However, the above-mentioned process might not be applicable for particular car key fobs. In that case, professional hardware assistance might be needed. For that purpose, we advise you to contact your authorized car dealer and address the situation. You can also choose to re-encode the key fob from any mechanic store or company at comparatively lower prices. Whatever you choose to do, make sure the job is done by experienced professionals and not amateurs.

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